About us

Dear Guests!

We are very glad to see you here in GRIP Consulting web-site.

What are our services?

Our Company is specialized on express market analysis which consists of several steps:

  • market structure and capacity analysis;
  • competition analysis;
  • distribution analysis;
  • price structure analysis.

In which cases do you need our services?

You need our services in case of:

  • new segment or new market penetration;
  • new product launching;
  • marketing strategy developing;
  • production starting.

In our work we use very simple principles:

  • Only facts. No blah-blah. We respect you and ourselves.
  • Efficiency. We are interested in fast finishing of our work because you pay us for result but not for spended time.
  • Flexibility. We will offer you only services necessery for your business.
  • Honesty. In our work we use only proved information.
  • Low pricing. We are sure that market analysis is not a kind of magic which can be spelled by expensive experts only. Market analysis is not too difficult and it should costs reasonable money.